Copy of Love Notes to the Divine: On becoming spiritually intimate

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Love Notes to the Divine is a collection of contemplations and meditations to remind you who you are. The book is organised into the themes, ideas and values I share most about as a spiritual teacher. Each theme is a piece of the puzzle in increasing intimacy with our God nature.
You may read a passage each morning to inspire your daily devotion. You can read the book cover to cover. You can move through a particular theme that is resonating with you.
However, you use these inspirations to give them space in your heart. Let the words alter you. They are direct reminders of who you are and invite you to a deep faith beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age. Let these words open the doors of perception and challenge any perceived limitations. You are fully human and fully divine, and this book shows you the way to live your holiness in a mundane world.
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