Holy Holy

3 part Masterclass

This initiation is for you. it is for those who want to lead from a place of holy union.

To no longer seek wholeness/holiness externally.  

To be able to activate our own holy life creating fire from within.

Brother and sister. Husband and wife. Lover and beloved. We are the sacred meeting place of union. The magdalene and the cosmic christ. Shiva and shakti. Osiris and isis.

We are the cosmic dance of union.

To lead from a harmonised place of unity consciousness. to restore the balance in the collective.

This is for anyone who has wrestled between the holy masculine and feminine energies, and failed to truly find the balance.

This is for anyone who knows that they cannot deny either aspect of their sacred nature if they truly want to embody God consciousness and serve from this place.

This is for anyone who knows that the power within them is disrupted by the imbalance between the masculine and feminine inside their soul. This is for anyone who wants to attract and create the balance in the clients that they serve and the community with which they gather.


Note: this is a pre-recorded masterclass