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Superconscious Intuition

Glow up your intuition

This is high intensity intuition - all access, all the time - to your highest form of intelligence.

Launching March 2022. Be the first to get access.


You’ve come a long way, and you’ve made huge strides with your intuition development.

You’re in a place where you live your intuition on the daily, your devotion is rocking and you make choices in partnership with the Infinite.

And yet…

People tell you how intuitive you are.
You’ve trained it, invested in it, nurtured it.

But still…

You yearn to go deeper.
You can feel a greater power in you.
You want all blocks between you and unlimited consciousness gone, and you’ve taken yourself as far as you can.

You know now, you need greater support to get where your intuition is calling you to go.

100% embodiment of the highest version of your life

You have the humility within you to know that can always go deeper, vaster, wider with your spiritual superpower.

You haven’t sought the comfort zone for a long time. You are all in for profound spiritual growth, and you have the courage to go where your intuition is leading.

You are ready for even more now.

Intuitive mastery.

Spiritual maturity.

100% congruent life.

Full expression of your glorious truth.

And you want the blueprint to do it in the most direct and amplified way.

Meet your personal Intuition Mentor

This program is your intuition mentor. The highest, clearest and truest form of intuition is waiting to be activated within you, and Superconscious Intuition mentors you to take yourself there in the most direct way.

Across 10 modules and evidence-based practices, you are given the tools, theory and mindset to exponentially increase your highest form of intelligence.

The path of Superconscious Intuition is an uncompromising path because it will ask you to put down all perceived limitations.

This program is designed to take you most directly towards to your unlimited personal power.



Intuition Development as the most powerful approach to human optimisation

This program offers...

The way to work with our intuition as our most powerful optimisation strategy.

An embodied path to cultivate intuition as a state of being.

A whole of life approach to increased intuition.

An approach to intuition development to increase our spiritual agency.

A spiritually mature form of intuition training that is not about new age platitudes.

A rigorous and uncompromising system to refine and magnify our highest form of intelligence.