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Superconscious Intuition

Superconscious Intuition is the new frontier in intuition education, busting through the new age myths, to take innate intuition to the level of superpower.

With this book, you are being given the keys to access your highest form of intelligence, and to reclaim your spiritual superpower - intuition. The more we develop our intuition, the more of a superpower it and you become.

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Superconscious intuition is a spiritually mature form of intuition that guides us to the truth of what we are - God made manifest - and how to live from this truth. It requires us to show up in dedication and devotion to master the most maligned yet incredible form of intelligence we possess.

Ricci-Jane Adams has observed in her two decades of intuition research how belittled, ghettoised, misunderstood and misrepresented intuition is.

But that is all about to change...

In these pages, you will learn how to access three essential archetypes for activating your superconscious intuition:


Encode your life from nonlocal intelligence and attain spiritual agency.


Purify your subconscious to optimise your access to the Unified Field.


Embody the formula for sacred leadership in your service.

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence is committed to disrupting intuition education, taking it beyond the new age trinkets and superstitions. We are pioneering the new paradigm of intuition research, development and training. In this book, Ricci-Jane Adams shares her visionary perspective on the next generation of intuition.

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Superconscious Intuition

Released in paperback and e-book format March 2022

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