Superconscious Intuition

AN advanced intuition development COURSE
for experienced intuitives at an extraordinary time




You are a humble student of your soul.

you seek the experience of grace before all else.

you desire to see sacred power rise in the world

You’re in a place where you live your intuition on the daily, your devotion is rocking and you make choices in partnership with God.

People tell you how intuitive you are.
You’ve trained it, invested in it, nurtured it.

But still...
You know there is more.
You can feel a greater power in you.

You are ready to embody your superconsciousness because you know the world needs you in your full spiritual authority. We have no precedent for this time. we must be spiritually fit.


Does this sound familiar...

  • You haven’t sought the comfort/familiar zone for a long time.
  • You live on the spiritual edge.
  • You are all in for profound spiritual growth, and you have the courage to go where your intuition is leading.
  • You respect your intuition as your highest form of intelligence.
  • You crave rigour and guidance in the maturing of your Intuitive Intelligence.

you are ready for...

Intuitive mastery.

Spiritual maturity.

Embodied intuition.

Powerhouse spiritual agency.

Uncompromising evolution.

program outcomes

This program is your intuition agitator, and you are hungry for it.  You already have an established connection to your intuition. 

This is NOT a beginner's program.

  • It will shake you out of habits, addictions and subconscious limits that you don't even know are there.
  • It will show you your intuition blindspots.
  • It will humble you enough to kick you out of your comfort/familiar zone with your intuition.
  • It will provide the new and necessary processes to take you beyond the known of your intuition
  • It will wrestle your trinkets and superstitions from you once and for all.

    Across 10 modules and evidence-based practices, you are given the tools, theory and provocations to exponentially increase your highest form of intelligence.

The path of Superconscious Intuition is an uncompromising path because it will ask you to put down all perceived limitations.

This program is designed to take you most directly towards to your unlimited personal power. It won't be comfortable but it will be worth it.


Superconscious Intuition

AN advanced intuition development COURSE
for experienced intuitives at an extraordinary time

AUD $997

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across ten integrated modules with theory and praxis

This program offers...

The way to work with our intuition as our most powerful optimisation strategy.

An embodied path to cultivate intuition as a state of being.

A whole of life approach to increased intuition.

An approach to intuition development to increase our spiritual agency.

A spiritually mature form of intuition training that is not about new age platitudes.

A rigorous and uncompromising system to refine and magnify our highest form of intelligence.

Learning how to create space as the next step on from holding space and why this shift matters so much to your relationship to your intuition

Advanced energetic discernment teachings, symbolic sight enhancement, and how to navigate the unfamiliar/growth zone of superconscious intuition.

The science and laws of superconsciousness, and how to stop betraying yourself and your soul purpose.


How the Program & Book work together...

Superconscious Intuition is Dr Ricci-Jane Adams' first book in five years. It reflects the theory and research of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence from that time. 

Superconscious Intuition the program is the how-to guide to the theory and research offered in the book. The program offers an embodiment of the philosophy shared in the text.

Instead of just reading about the leading-edge ideas, you will be grounded into them, step by step, to ensure the deepest transformation possible.

Enrol in the first round of the program, and you also get your VIP seat on the Superconscious Intuition book launch tour! You'll receive the ebook immediately upon on enrolling, and a limited edition, signed copy of the book, with a beautiful gold-embossed cover.

your instructors


Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is the founder and principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®. She trains exceptional spiritual people in the science and mysticism of Intuitive Intelligence®. The Institute leads the way in academic rigour, ethical grounding and social conscience, bringing a gold standard of professional excellence to an unregulated industry.

Ricci-Jane is the author of bestselling Spiritually Fierce, Intuitive Intelligence Training and the forthcoming, Superconscious Intuition. Ricci-Jane has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne in magical realism. She has spent over twenty-five years devoted to her spiritual awakening and is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor.



angelique Adams

Angelique is the creator of Intuitive Intelligence® Tapping, a spiritual approach to EFT created specifically for the Institute. She is a qualified EFT practitioner and a current student of Energy Psychology with world renowned teacher Dawson Church. She has studied EFT for many years and facilitates profound change for her clients.

Angelique studies Optimal EFT with the creator of EFT, Gary Craig. Gary’s Optimal EFT is deeply spiritual and profound. She has also studied TFT (thought field therapy, the forerunner of EFT) as taught by the founder of tapping therapies, Roger Callahan. Her EFT One and Two levels were done with associate professor Dr Peta Stapleton of Bond University. Angelique has also studied Evidence Based EFT with Dr Stapleton. She is currently working with psychologist Steve Wells and his Intention-based Energy Process.


A word from ricci-Jane...

In twenty years of intuition research, so much of what I found in this field left me wanting. Built on the trinkets and superstitions of the new age, many of the teachings are superficial or ask me to give my power to crystals or oracle cards, or worse to a psychic or healer. 

Another problem I encountered is that when I wanted to advance my understanding of intuition, I could only find programs that were obviously introductory, even if they weren't being sold like that. I just couldn't find something to take me further as an already experienced intuitive. If you have felt this frustration, know that you are not alone.

I am honoured to deliver this program in conjunction with Angelique Adams, the Institute's resident EFT expert, my first spiritual teacher, and my mother. She has so much to bring to the development of intuition and it is a privilege to serve alongside of her. Alongside my fierce teacher, she brings a compassionate heart that radiates warmth and love.

Ricci-Jane Adams


What happens when I click BUY?

You’ll receive a confirmation email upon signing up and details on how to access the training materials. All resources are accessible in your online learning platform to access at your leisure.

How much time do I need to devote to the program?

The program is integrated between theory, praxis and journal provocations.

Each lecture is around 30 minutes. You’ll also spend around 30 minutes per day per module on the practices. It is intended that these practices will become part of your regular devotion to gain the maximum benefit.

This program works if you are willing to do the work. This program is not a quick fix or magic bullet. It is a sacred initiation into ancient wisdom and it should not be entered into lightly.

You also get to keep these resources for the life of the program so you can return as often as you want.

What results can I expect?

Your willingness to do the practices and apply the learning determines your success. 

Every aspect of your life is improved when you live from intuitive intelligence. Your success will be a direct result of your devotion.

Are there any specific tech requirements?

The program can be accessed from your computer or mobile device (our learning platform is fully mobile responsive and all audio/video content is podcastable so you can listen on the go).

I am already an intuitive guide/mentor/coach/healer. Will I get anything out of this program?

The greatest teacher is the lifelong student. This program is advanced intuition training for experienced intuitives, equipping you to stay connected to your highest form of intelligence in uncertain times. No matter the context for your use of intuition - personal or professional - this program will scaffold you to become more devoted to your path.

Do I receive a qualification?

You receive a Certificate in Superconscious Intuition. This is a certificate of completion, not certification to utilise the program professionally.

The Superconscious Intuition Program is for your personal spiritual development.

If you are seeking a professional qualification then head HERE to learn more about our select entry year-long professional qualification program to certify as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer with the Institute.

Is this a live program?

Superconscious Intuition is not a live program, it is an online program that you can complete at your own pace. Modules are released weekly from the start date of your program. 

Is there support?

There is tech and admin support available should you have issues accessing the course or with your purchase in any way.

Is this new content?

Yes! There are brand new practices and theories shared in the program by both Angelique and myself. Angelique is sharing never before seen Intuitive intelligence Tapping and I have developed and refined ways of working with intuitive intelligence.

The theory draws on the research and theory developed over the last 5 years of training within the Institute. If you have been a student of the Third Level or any of our postgraduate programs, you will have heard some of this before but not in the way it is delivered in Superconscious Intuition.

In the process of writing the book and the program, the way I have considered this work has been refined and advanced. I know that you'll gain a fresh new perspective and a deepening of your connection to intuitive intelligence, whether you are new to the work of the Institute, or a long term student.

Are the book and the program the same content? Can I just wait and buy the book?

Short answer, no! Unlike my last book Spiritually Fierce, Superconscious Intuition the book is not full of practices. There are a few essential practices in the book, but the majority are in the program.

The program is designed to support the integration of the book's theory.

Is this training appropriate for men?

Yes! In 2022, the Institute is expanding our focus to serve men and honestly, it is time! Superconscious Intuition has been created with this expanded vision in mind and will be an incredible opportunity for intuitive men to discover if I am the teacher for them.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! We are offering full scholarships to anyone who lives in the flood-affected areas of the East Coast of Australia. If you fall into this category please reply to this email and we will give you a 100% scholarship for the program.

Superconscious Intuition

calling all intuitive leaders

  • 10 extraordinary training modules
  • 10 soul shaking practices
  • Agitating journal provocations
  • Ebook of Superconscious Intuition

AUD $997 (or 3 part payment plan)