You want to deeply trust your intuition, but there’s a crippling doubt when it comes to the things that really matter.

You want an intuition that is always on, not something that comes and goes.

You want to increase the quality of your life by making intuitively guided decisions, but fear of getting it wrong gets in the way.

You want to be connected to your highest purpose, but you can never get clear on it.

You want to take your intuition to the next level but no matter how many crystals or oracle cards you buy, nothing really changes.

You are done with repeating the same cycles of unhappiness, poor health, poverty, bad relationships and unsatisfying jobs.

You don’t trust your intuition enough to take action on it.

Your spiritual seeking has not changed anything for you.

It feels like there is something you’re missing.



How life would feel if all the doubt was gone and you had that missing link between knowing you’re intuitive, to having a life that is fully guided by your intuition.


What it would feel like to fiercely trust yourself...


Possessing that sense of freedom that comes with knowing your life is divinely guided...

Imagine a life where...

You live beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age, initiated into the laws that govern the Universe.

You are fierce, free and freakishly intuitive.

You no longer doubt your intuition, even when it takes you beyond your comfort zone to the most glorious vision of your life, and you are no longer playing small.

You don’t just know your intuition, you action it, because you’ve got the formula for unlimited access to your highest form of intelligence.

It is time to change the conversation about intuition.

And we should begin with this question...

Do I know that I am pure unlimited consciousness?

If the answer is no, then this is the program for you.

This program is the key to an embodied intuition - not something we tune in and out of when we answer, but the creation of a state of being that is always tuned into your highest form of intelligence.

There is only one way to turn on intuition in this way. That is to access the deepest layers of our subconscious, to clear the blocks and obstacles to our connection to the Universe.

By the end of this course you will be able to know the difference between your intuition and your fear, and live an intentional and purposeful life. We go deep into the science of intuition, and I guide you in activating your intuitive intelligence and breaking through the fear inside that’s currently blocking your intuition.

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“This course is ideal for anyone who wants to align or connect to themselves better. If you are in any way “stuck”, disengaged or disenchanted, this program is for you. Even if you don’t want to be a spiritual leader, this course content provides a great anchor to help propel you forward. This program removes fear and self-doubt and taught me how to trust in myself. This course offers not only the support but the tools to use every single day. This WORKS!”


Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“I have now gratefully received a seriously powerful tool kit to stay fearless and create a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have experienced bringing my deepest fears to the light, I have made the most beautiful connections, I have had the most profound and overwhelming experience of meeting one of my guides, and gained deep understanding of who I am. I can’t recommend Ricci-Jane enough she is the most amazing, no bullshit, walks-the-talk spiritual teacher!”


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this program teaches

  • The science of intuition
  • Heart congruence
  • Determining your dominant intuition style
  • The Law of Mentalism
  • Energy expansion
  • Releasing limiting subconscious beliefs
  • The Law of Correspondence
  • Ho’oponopono
  • The Intuitive Intelligence Method
  • Meditations
  • Reading your chakras
  • The Law of Vibration
  • Mantras
  • Increasing spiritual sight

All of this combines to give you everything you need to experience the deepest states of intuition consistently and to profoundly trust yourself. Enabling you to...



Master the 3 immutable laws that govern our live, and yet are largely unknown to the world.


Explore the leading edge science of intuition, and the role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful source of intuition.


Engage daily practices to turn intuition into intuitive intelligence.


Command your intuition into consistent action, knowing that there is never a moment when you are not living your intuitive knowing.


Become Spiritually Fierce, Fearless and Unlimited in every way in your life. This is a tried and tested system that yields proven results.


this program INCLUDES

  • Self-study program to go at your own pace
  • Access to recorded lectures in video and audio format.
  • Audios and transcripts for all practices
  • Module workbooks to deepen understanding
  • 24/7 access to the learning platform
  • Lifetime access to the training materials 
  • Evidence based Intuitive Intelligence practices to apply to rapidly increase access to your intuition.
  • A free downloadable copy of Spiritually Fierce, the book by Dr Ricci-Jane Adams to compliment your online learning experience.
  • Implementation guidelines to follow to maximise the effectiveness of the program.
Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“This course is for everyone, at any stage of life. The processes are simple to understand and easy to apply. I would say to anyone to just do this course. This course speeds up the whole “waking” process.”

New Zealand

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“The techniques are simple yet SO powerful and easy to apply in daily life. Huge light bulb moments for me. I love that I now have techniques to recognise and manage feelings such as stress, overwhelm. It’s been amazing!”


Meet the program creator...

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

I am the Principal of the Institute and a passionate intuition teacher. This program is every practice I have used in my life to turn my intuition into a superpower and create a life of rich and deep joy and abundance.

I have spent over two decades on the path of increasing my connection to my intuition, and in this virtual space of sacred learning I am honoured to initiate you into the same ancient wisdom and leading edge science that has changed my life.

The Institute has grown exponentially every year and I know this is as a direct result of living in accordance with the laws that govern the Universe.

Now, I am honoured to share that wisdom with you, no matter what kind of success you want for your life.

Let me share my secrets with you.

All my fiercest love,
RJ xo

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“Fighting the fear is always tricky, but it helps me realise what my own personal issues or shadows are, and the resources to tackle those. It has helped me realise how powerful I am. I would definitely recommend this program, and it doesn’t matter what level you’re at or where you are in your spiritual journey – novice through to experienced.”


Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“If you’re hesitating, just jump in and do it because there is no way you won’t get anything from this program, and it offers practices you can use time and again to continue to grow”

New Zealand

Is this program for you?


Are you ready to meet your unlimited power?

Then, yes! Welcome home.

This program is for those who want to go beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age. Those who are ready to do the deep work of a deep faith. Those who are done with feeling like their spirituality hasn’t improved the quality of their lives, their relationships, their work or their success. The program is for those who are unafraid to do the work and take personal responsibility. This is for those who are done with the cheap tricks of the ‘spiritual industry’ and want to know the truth of their purpose in the world. This is for you if you truly want to change your life and end the holding pattern.

The world needs you in your intuitive power

Committing to increasing your intuition is the greatest act of service to a world that seems so far out of balance. Why? Intuition opens us to the truth of what we are, which is divine love. When the world remembers its truth, one intuition initiate at a time, we will have the revolution we need!


What happens when I click BUY?

Your Spiritually Fierce Program begins. You’ll receive a confirmation email and details on how to access the training materials. All resources are accessible in your online learning platform to access at your leisure.

How much time do I need to devote to the program?

The program is structured to powerfully support your successful initiation into the deepest states of intuition.

Each lecture is 30 minutes. You’ll also want to spend around an hour per module on the practices. It is intended that these practices will become part of your regular devotion to gain the maximum benefit.

This program works if you are willing to do the work. This program is not a quick fix or magic bullet. It is a sacred initiation into ancient wisdom and it should not be entered into lightly.

You also get to keep these resources for the life of the program so you can return as often as you want.

What results can I expect?

Your willingness to do the practices and apply the learning determines your success. The program is tried and tested over more than two decades. Ricci-Jane has built her business empire on these principles.

Every aspect of your life is improved when you live from intuitive intelligence. Your success will be a direct result of your devotion.

Are there any specific tech requirements?

The program can be accessed from your computer or mobile device (our learning platform is fully mobile responsive and all audio/video content is podcastable so you can listen on the go).

I am already an intuitive guide/mentor/coach/healer. Will I get anything out of this program?

The greatest teacher is the lifelong student. This program is profound personal development for professional spiritual practitioners. Beyond the specifics of your modality, this training will connect you to your intuitive power like never before. Your path of service will be illuminated to a greater degree, and the attendant success will be inevitable. We must continually devote ourselves to increasing our skill as spiritual practitioners, and this training will take you to the next level. There is no intuition training like this in the world.

What qualification do I receive?

You receive a Certificate in Intuitive Intelligence.
This is a certificate of completion, not certification to teach Ricci-Jane’s methods.

The Spiritually Fierce Program is for your personal spiritual development and will supercharge your intuition for your personal use.

If you are seeking a professional qualification then head HERE to learn more about our select entry year-long professional qualification program to certify as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer with the Institute.

Is this a live program?

Spiritually Fierce is not a live program, it is a DIY online program that you can complete at your own pace.

Is there support?

As this is a DIY program, there are no live check-ins or personalised learning support, although you can join our Spiritually Fierce Facebook Group to ask questions and seek out support or guidance from your fellow sisters there. There is tech support available should you have issues accessing the course.

Not quite ready?

We have a series of masterclasses to give you access to the leading edge research and tools of intuitive intelligence.
Hear directly from Dr Ricci-Jane Adams in short, practical and on demand intuition development resources.

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