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Spiritually Fierce


New practices and an entirely new chapter ‘Beyond a Superficial Spirituality to the path of Priestess’.


Power and humility.
Strength and vulnerability.
Grace and grit.
Spiritually fierce is a not just a phrase.
Spiritually fierce is a movement.

It is knowing that we are everything and we are nothing.
It is beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age.
It is the courage to surrender to our unlimited selves, even when it would be easier to stay in the illusion.
It is the inner discipline, the soul fire that inspires us to choose love first.

Every, single time.

Intuitive Intelligence is philosophy and practice of trusting and living our intuition.

Everything we seek on the path of spiritual seeking is answered by turning on our intuitive intelligence.


Reading your book I can feel myself expanding into my true nature, in a way that only happens when I sit with a great Swami, leader or read Wayne Dyer. The reading is effortless and the energetic response palpable.


This book offers a comprehensive overview of the science of intuition, combined with the art of how to live our innate superpower, Intuitive Intelligence is the only tool you need to turn your spiritual knowing into a life of wild abundance, inevitable success and infinite power.

It is the culmination of a lifetime of research and personal practice. I have tried and tested it all, sat at the feet of the masters and read everything I could get my hands on. Intuitive Intelligence is the synthesis of all that learning, failing, expanding, awakening, falling and getting back up again.

It’s the ultimate spiritual hack designed to accelerate your spiritual awakening by doing away with all the dogma and the spiritual woo woo.

The purpose of this book is to demystify intuition, to make it real again, as it was to the ancients, as a way in which to live our lives, a compass to navigate the extraordinary, blessed age of our times.

It is a philosophy and a practice.

I call it Intuitive Intelligence, and it is a path for you to walk to return to your true state of oneness if you choose it. It is an approach to living that is available to everyone.

This is the path of the warriors of light, the soul seekers, the spiritual change agents, the contemporary mystics, and the modern day priestesses.


Spiritually Fierce
Simplero Course 700x380 (4) Spiritually Fierce Book AUD 10.00 (including 10% GST)

“This is a well researched and fascinating read. I am impressed with the depth of knowledge that Dr Adams exhibits in this well written thesis on the nature of intuition. Adams provides actionable tools to turn knowledge into experience. This is the only book you need to make intuition a real and useful part of your life.”

Amazon Review

Simplero Course 700x380 (4) Spiritually Fierce Book AUD 10.00 (including 10% GST)

“This book truly has a window to my inner soul, I have felt my whole awakening journey that I am missing something, as I don't feel in line with my purpose.. This book shows you how to live in flow with your universal right and to stay in the flow. This book is the ultimate journey to your inner truth of love and strength as you can feel your true heart bursting to the surface to be recognised. Thank you Ricci Jane Adams for your true insight and love in every page.”

Jodee, Amazon Review

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

“I absolutely loved it. I thought that it would be great to have some beautiful cards made with each practice on them as a supplement to the book.

The additional chapters are a very strong call to service which is difficult to ignore. It scratches beyond the surface of comfortable spirituality and moves it into the arena of responsibility for us all.”

Theresa Garcia, Amazon Review

"This is truly a MUST read, Ricci truly paves the way for us, through her book you will deepen into truths that can not be heard enough. You are guided every step of the way to activate your intuition. This book is fully loaded with tools and practices that will support you in accessing your Intuition at deeper and deeper levels! The divine gold, truths and deepenings I have received through this incredible book are pure joy! You can read this baby, again and again, I have read this glorious book twice (along with consistent referencing) and it is a game changer! Every chance I get I want to be consumed by it!! Highly recommend!!" - KRISTY, Amazon Review

When I pulled 'Spiritually Fierce' out of my mailbox, I had no idea what was about to happen. I had followed the work of Ricci-Jane Adams for a little while now and was very curious but hadn't read any of her books yet. As soon as I held the book in my hands and read the title again - I KNEW! - Oh, yes, I am ready! She had me captured from the first page right through to the last page. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how profound this book would shift my perception and mindset about intuition, consciousness and spirituality in general. Ricci-Jane Adams authentic way of explaining complex laws, illustrating them by being totally vulnerable sharing her own journey and teaching easy practical ways to integrate those into your daily life is truly her gift. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for her being an inspiring thought leader and starting the spiritual fierce movement. You don't want to miss this - because 'playing small limits the possibility of our power to awaken to our true nature'. Are you ready to surrender to your unlimited self? - CARINA BURRIDGE, Amazon Review

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It's time to change the conversation about intuition

We should begin by asking ourselves one question...

Do I know that I am pure, unlimited consciousness?

If the answer is no, then this is the spiritual guidebook for you.

Intuition expert and spiritual scholar, Ricci-Jane Adams talks about what it takes to move from knowing we are intuitive, to trusting and living our intuition. It is way beyond understanding we all have a sixth sense. It's about walking the path of the heart's intuitive intelligence, and there are specific steps we all must take to activate it in our lives.

In these pages we will learn how to:

+ Apply the science of intuition to our daily lives
+ Master the governing laws of the Universe, and
+ Gain skill in the specific practices that activate our intuitive intelligence

In this deeply personal story, Ricci-Jane shares her own pilgrimage of surrendering the trinkets and superstitions of the new age to reclaim her spiritual fierceness, wild abundance and unlimited intuition.

Spiritual fierceness comes when we are willing to meet our fear every single day, and make the choice for love. It's the only commitment we need to make to activate our intuitive intelligence, and meet our unlimited selves.

Spiritually fierce is a not just a phrase. Spiritually fierce is a movement of awakening consciousness and you are part of it.


“One of the greatest challenges we face is to become self-reliant. We look outside of ourselves rather than going within for the wisdom we seek. We have been taught that the authority is external from us, and yet the formerly unquestionable power systems of our age are now unstable and inconsistent. We must retrain ourselves now not to seek outside for the magic bullet that will bring us into our spiritual power. The power is within. There is nothing else we need. Intuition is the gateway to that power, and to the homecoming.”

Spiritually Fierce Book
Spiritually Fierce


New practices and an entirely new chapter ‘Beyond a Superficial Spirituality to the path of Priestess’.


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