Spiritual Directfaviconrship

For women who are prepared to raise hell to create heaven.

This is for women who want to create a movement, not just a business.


Ready. Willing. Skilled. On fire with purpose.

You have invested deeply in your capacity to serve.

You have a community.

You have certainty within you.

But you want to make sure that every step is amplified.

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You are ready to make the boldest move you’ve ever made to say to the Universe, I am ALL IN!

You want to build your empire with laser like clarity.

You want to rapidly increase the expansion of your service because you know that the world needs you now.

You are ready to create a movement of awakening consciousness and you want to ensure your success.

You want to invest in those who can guide you to create a powerhouse movement, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice about that investment.

You want a team of mentors scaffolding you who are 100% committed to your success and are the demonstration of What they offer


Imagine waking up every day knowing that every step you take in your service is intentional and aligned.

Imagine knowing that you are being guided and held by experienced and passionate mentors who are working overtime for your success.

Imagine receiving the spiritual direction designed for your evolution, not your comfort that so firmly guides you that you can break free of all limitations.

Imagine having a sisterhood who see your power and want to support you to rise into it even more.

Imagine receiving the exact steps to create a movement not just a business from those who have already done it.

Imagine being able to have the time to research, to write deeply and to create legacy in your service.

beyond my expectations

"The journey has allowed me to find depth in what I am here to do in such a way that doing it solo wouldn't have allowed me to achieve. Where I am now is beyond my expectations. I finally feel traction in where I am leading from. There has been change and it is all for the better."


the cutting edge

"I love post-grad learning, the opportunity to explore, research and to be with like-minded people brings collective wisdom, insight and new paradigms. This is the cutting edge of learning and inquiry."



Postgraduate Diploma in
Spiritual Directfaviconrship

An 18 month training program teaching you how to establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Take up space. Make some noise. Change the world. Be supported as you do so.


This is not business as usual

This is a profound spiritual upleveling combined with intensive business mentoring

This program is for you if you desire to be supported practically, spiritually and professionally:

  • As part of an incredible group of spiritual entrepreneurs, with one-to-one hot seats and monthly group business development mentoring with Laura Elkaslassy.
  • To develop your own body of work that will ignite a movement and leave a legacy. This requires going deep into mystical and practical processes that will allow you to access what God wants for your service in the deepest possible way. Training includes how to become a transformational speaker and identify and how to develop life changing programs and content.
  • To develop in the art and craft of writing your own visionary book, thesis or series of articles or videos (equivalent 10,000 words). This is not just about pumping out content but learning the skill of a masterful writer, editor, publisher; and to create a strategic approach to the generation of your content.
  • To commit even more deeply to developing your spiritual agency through a specifically curated spiritual development program guided by Dr Ricci-Jane Adams across monthly sessions, one to one spiritual direction, sadhana and retreat.
  • To develop your skill as a mentor through supporting the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer students. This program gives you clinical praxis training in high level mentoring and teaching skills as you serve as part of the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer program.
  • To be lovingly freed from the BS of your limiting beliefs by Intuitive Intelligence Tapping Mentor Angelique Adams.
  • To attain masterful transpersonal skills including working with mapping, ritual, story telling, and connecting with archetypes and archetypal patterns for your clients and students.

incredible CLARITY

"I came into the program with my big vision that was broad, vague, and a fantastical idea but no grounded substance to it. My big vision has grown since then, but because of the very tangible and practical strategy, the steps into that vision are clear, concise and scalable from the business that I have built now."


By the end of the program you will

know yourself beyond all perceived limits and be equipped to lead your movement from this unparalleled place

Intuitive Intelligence 900x600

This is the inner sanctum of the Institute

Intuitive Intelligence 1080 sqr

You get access in unparalleled ways

  • Spiritual direction
  • A business Mastermind
  • Business and Mindset Mentoring
  • Intuitive Intelligence Tapping Mentoring
  • Sisterhood and Accountability
  • A whole of life plan
  • A powerful qualification

The Program

  • 16 Spiritual Direction sessions with Ricci-Jane Adams
  • 16 Business Mentoring Sessions with Laura Elkaslassy
  • 24 Training Modules across 6 Terms
  • 2 Hot seats
  • 6 private spiritual direction sessions with Ricci-Jane Adams
  • 6 private Tapping sessions with Angelique Adams
  • An 8-day immersive retreat in Australia. (All expenses paid excluding airfares and travel insurance. Date and venue TBC.)
  • All teaching resources including 12 required reading texts
TL 1080 sqr (6)


Enrol in the Postgraduate Diploma of Spiritual Directorship

18 Month Program: January 2024 - June 2025

Program Facilitators

RJ 400

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Ricci-Jane Adams is founder of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, a best-selling author, researcher, creator of the Intuitive Intelligence method, and intuition geek dedicated to elevating your intuition to the level of superpower.

Known for her incredible ability to guide women to activate the deepest states of intuition to increase their power to serve, she brings to this program a wealth of knowledge in transpersonal mentoring, creating influence to create a movement, and building a business in accordance with God's will.

She will be teaching post-graduate students advanced practices in powerful communication and revolutionary program development, and guiding them along this journey to spiritual directorship.

"My vision is very clear. To train an extraordinary collective of women to take their intuition to the level of spiritual superpower, so that they can support others to increase their connection to their own deepest states of intuition."

RJ 400 (1)

laura elkaslassy

Laura Elkaslassy is a CEO, CFO and Co-Director of multiple companies, Money Mentor to entrepreneurs, Certified Profit First Professional and Profit Pioneer dedicated to elevating your business so that it increases your capacity to serve.

Known for her ability to help clients grow their business sustainably, profitably, and without burning out. She gives amazing business-building advice from a perspective that you wouldn’t expect.

Laura will be mentoring students in business fundamentals, business growth strategies, profitability and pricing, and supporting them with wealth mindset throughout this program.

"At the core of all of the work I do with my clients, no matter the capacity I work with them, I am ensuring that my clients are educated to grow their business in a sustainable way so that that can be successful in whatever way they define."

  • Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

    “I make choices more as a CEO rather than a service provider or teacher. I know how to make more large picture choices. My confidence and belief in myself have grown as well. I feel there is more and still some unconscious stoppers on my voice that I am surrendering as I desire to unleash even more!”

    Ricci 200 (1)

    Spiritual Director. Embodiment Priestess. Intuitive Guide.



The Retreat

Date TBC, Australia

At the retreat you will work on developing your own spiritual skills as an architect of consciousness, and on becoming an optimised, spirit-centric human being.

You will work intensively on your own spiritual development to embody the truth that ‘teaching is demonstrating’ so that you can create transformation on a larger scale.

Whether you intend to work one on one or one to many, you will be equipped with the spiritual and personal development tools to direct others to create seismic change, and to serve at the most profound level.

The Retreat will supercharge your commitment to know yourself as God

You loved the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, but is this for you?

The training is for the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer graduate who desires to do two things:

1. To continue to deepen into her own mysticism and increase her skills in spiritual guidance.

2. To scale her sacred service to reach as many people as possible.

This is for women who want to create a movement,
not just a business.

This means making a WHOLE OF LIFE COMMITMENT to be congruent in all ways.

It is expected that you will be growing your own business throughout this program, and working actively with clients or students. This is the program to be part of if you want to move from being solely a one-to-one practitioner, and instead/also want to establish yourself as an expert and leader in your field. 

Take the boldest move to back yourself that you’ve ever made: Invest in your unlimited power.

Attain a postgraduate qualification as a Spiritual Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about this program? Contact us here.

Is this a recognised qualification?

Yes. The program is globally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

What are you looking for in the women you accept?

We are looking for women who are yearning to reach as many people as possible in their service. We want to serve women who are ready to do the work and go deep and vast in their work and lives. This program is a whole of life commitment and will support you to improve all aspects of your life. So we are seeking the willing woman, the fierce woman, and the woman who is curious and open hearted, ready to be challenged, inspired and make bold moves. But also the woman who is also ready to do this for her fellow postgrad sisters!

How many women are accepted into the program?

We limit the intake to between 6-10 women to ensure we can properly support every woman in an individualised way. This program is a mastermind in so many ways, and that means it requires the full commitment of each woman to the group. We rise together in this program. Laura and RJ are deeply invested in the success of each woman and so we want to ensure we keep the group intimate to maintain that deeply personalised experience.

It seems like a lot of money. Why is it so much?

The individual component parts of the program far exceed the total investment. For around $1000 per month you have your own business coach, spiritual director, mastermind, postgraduate qualification, 8 day retreat, and resources. High quality business mentors charge around $1800 per hour! We have made this program so affordable because Laura and RJ have long seen the fire burning in the eyes of those women in the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer who are ready to create legacy. It is a passion project for them to ensure these women succeed in every way.

I am just finishing the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer. Should I take a break between programs?

This is entirely up to you. We have students who have waited between intakes and those who have enrolled before finishing the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer. Both options work really well and we will support you no matter where you are. Some women enrol in the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer with the intention of doing the Postgraduate Diploma.

What’s the application process?

Expressions of Interest open in September 2023.
Interviews begin October 2023. You’ll be asked to prepare responses to some questions from Ricci-Jane and Laura and to pre submit your answers.
Places are offered up until December 2023.
The program commences January 2024.

Scholarship application details are outlined below on this page.

What is included in the Retreat?

The 8-day retreat in Australia included in the post-graduate program includes accommodation, food, training, mentoring and experience for the 8 days at no-additional cost to you.

You are responsible for payment of airfares, transfers and travel insurance for the trip from wherever you are in the world. This is additional to the Post-Graduate Program fees and not organised by the Institute. 

Retreat date and venue TBC. Our Covid-safe plan will apply.

Who can apply for this program?

Enrolments are open to women who are current students of, or previous graduates of, the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer. If you are interested in this program, start here.

The Bek Tomarchio Postgraduate Scholarship

Bek Tomarchio was a graduate of the Third Level program, and an active member of the Certified Trainer Membership sisterhood. To honour the legacy of the life of our beloved sister Bek, the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence is honoured to offer a $2,500 scholarship to the Postgraduate Diploma in her name.

simplero 900x1200 (3)

This scholarship is offered to one applicant, who has interviewed and been accepted into the the Postgraduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction. All successful applicants to the program are eligible to apply.

The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who it is determined by the Institute to best embodies the qualities of Bek, including:

  • A willingness to embrace the new
  • A capacity to think divergently
  • A bold and unique self-expression
  • Fearless self-acceptance, and
  • Exuberance in all things, especially in embodying the divine feminine.

Those who would like to be considered for the scholarship are invited to submit a 3 minute video that articulates how the applicant embraces or aspires to embrace the qualities outlined above.

The video application must be submitted by 15th November 2023 to

The final decision will be made by Institute principal, Ricci-Jane Adams, and Institute CFO, Laura Elkaslassy.

The scholarship recipient will be notified at the end of the interview period by. The $2,500 scholarship will be deducted from the full amount owed for the Postgraduate program.

  • Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

    “When I started this program I felt it was still a shallow skimming on what my service was, I can offer many things and so it felt like putting a limit on what I can do was confining it, now I understand that I can still do ALL the things and still focus or educate on one area. At the start of the program, I was still afraid to own ALL of me, and Witch was an uncomfortable word to use to describe me. Now I am embracing this aspect of who I am and feel so much joy at what I can offer.”

    Ricci 200

    Mystic, Healer, Alchemist

Part advisor, part teacher, part mentor, and part inspirer, the Spiritual Director is 100% soul shaker leading people to live a soul-centric life.

Are you ready to create your movement?

Enrol in the Postgraduate Diploma of Spiritual Directfaviconrship

18 Month Program: January 2024 - June 2025


TL 1080 sqr (7)


  • Business Mentoring & Mastermind
  • Professional & Personal Development
  • Tapping & Mindset Training
  • Personalised Support & Guidance
  • 24 Online Training Modules
  • 6 Private Sessions with Ricci-Jane Adams
  • 8 Day Retreat (excl airfares, transfers, insurance)
  • All teaching resources including 12 required reading texts
  • Certification: Postgraduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction 

 Investment: AUD$19,950
(Payment plans available.)

Interviews Open: October - November 2023
Enrolment available only to Trainer Program and Third Level students and graduates.