Every conversation we are having about intuition is wrong.

We are working from the wrong premise entirely.

What is intuition?

How do we turn it on so that in every moment of our lives we are connected to clear knowing?

And most excitingly, what’s beyond intuition?

The Science of Intuition webinar debunks the myths and superstitions and takes us into the leading edge research and ancient wisdom that has been previously concealed from us.

Experiential. Immersive. Applied.

You will not be left unchanged when our time together draws to a close.

This training includes


This introductory video gives you the background you need to get a greater understanding of the webinar material.


Instant access to a pre-recorded 40min webinar that explains the Science of Intuition and what it all means.


This workbook will help you to maximise your results and enhance your success with the tools and practices shared in the webinar.

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence has one mission: to lead the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences. In order to do that we need to educate ourselves on the true nature of intuition.

When we come to understand what we are really working with when we access our intuition, we will know that this IS our spiritual superpower.

I have no doubt that the content shared in this webinar will absolutely change your mind about the true nature of intuition.

The highly practical information and knowledge shared can change everything in your life if you apply it.