sacred 13 initiation

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 10am - 1pm Ballarat, Victoria


A sacred archetype initiation 

In a half-day in-person experience, be initiated into the Sacred 13 Archetypes to increase access to your intuition in all aspects of your life. 

Receive your own deck of cards and a certificate of initiation.

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  • Meet the Sacred 13: Through guided practices you'll be initiated into each archetype and understand their individual symbolic power.
  • Meet your 3: You'll connect to your primary archetypes for this phase of your life in both the shadow and light forms and how to integrate these aspects of you to increase your intuition.
  • Channel the Sacred 13: In a safe and scaffolded process, you'll be guided to channel the intuition of the archetypes directly.

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Sacred 13 Initiation - embodied, experiential, esoteric

The initiation introduces you to 13 faces or aspects of the divine feminine (Shakti) energy, and how to channel this energy in your own life.

Archetypes are universal patterns of behaviour, which once connected to, help us better understand ourselves, our relationships with others and our purpose in this life.

Through immersion in the Shakti archetypes, you will know yourself and your subconscious patterns far more clearly, and in so doing increase access to your own innate intuition.

Sacred 13 is happening in an intimate, in-person workshop

Opening to channel can be a big experience. When you are held in energetic safety and scaffolded by experiences teachers, you'll open to this spiritual power with the greatest humility and grace.

Sacred 13 places you as the oracle

Learn a completely revolutionary way of working with both archetypes and oracle cards. This is unlike any other system. Our intention is place the power squarely in your hands.

The Sacred 13 images on this page are from the genius of Kristy Jamieson and Dr Ricci-Jane Adams. You will receive a pack on the day as part of our initiation.

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Sacred 13 initiation

This initiation is for you.  

for who you have always been. for who you are now. for who you are becoming.

This is for anyone who yearns to know the highest purpose of their life. Connect to the invisible cosmic forces always guiding you to access that highest path.In Ricci-Jane's system of archetypes, there are 13 Sacred Feminine energies. All of these are within you, and each holds potent medicine to support you to open your symbolic sight.


initiation facilitator

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is the pioneer of Intuitive Intelligence®. 

She’s a researcher, writer and consciousness expert dedicated to elevating your intuition to the level of superpower. 

Archetypal energy encodes all reality and when we learn to commune with this energy we have the keys to our highest purpose. Ricci-Jane has created the Sacred 13 system of understanding archetypal energy to support her students to get more intimate with God in all her forms.

Attend the initiation to connect to your deepest intuition.



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initiation host

Dr Leandra Brady-Walker B HealthSci, B AppSci (Comp Med, Chiro), MClin Chiro, Network Chiropractor, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Certified Empath Practitioner.

Awaking the ability to Channel the archetypes has brought me a deeper relationship with myself, god and the women around me. 

Both professionally and personally I have experienced profound connection and spiritual authority by working with the sacred 13 archetypes that has enriched my practice as a chiropractor.