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You’re in a place where you live your intuition, your devotion is rocking, and you make choices in co-creation with the Universe.

People tell you how intuitive you are.

You’ve trained, invested and nurtured the growth of your intuition.

And still, you yearn for a more advanced relationship with your spiritual superpower.

Superconscious Intuition is what you are seeking. This book gives you the wisdom to access a spiritually mature form of intuition and activate your spiritual agency.

Ricci-Jane Adams has observed in her two decades of intuition research how belittled, ghettoised, misunderstood and misrepresented intuition is.

But that is all about to change...


"Brilliant, raw truth telling and spiritually fierce. Superconscious Intuition is the latest book by the phenomenal Dr Ricci-Jane Adams and is her best yet. A deeply profound, inspiring, and soon to be, modern day spiritual classic.

I have read countless spiritual and metaphysical books over the years and I found myself pretty much highlighting this entire book. Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is a gifted writer, spiritual teacher, and leader in Intuitive Intelligence. Her work in the awakening of consciousness is based on decades of research, practice and teaching combining ancient mystical wisdom, quantum science and contemplative consciousness studies.

As a therapist in private practice with a spiritual focus, this book has moved to the top of my recommended 'must reads' for my clients. In her own unique way, Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is right on par with some of my other favorite classic spiritual writers such as Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss and Adyashanti.

Superconscious Intuition is an inspirational guide for anyone who desires to live their highest state of consciousness and to remember and embody their infinite, divine nature."

Alison Caswell, LCPC, CST
Psychotherapist, Portland, Maine USA


In these pages, you will be agitated and inspired to access your deepest intimacy with your intuition. Superconscious Intuition will:

shake you out of habits, addictions and subconscious limits that you don't even know are there.

humble you enough to kick you out of your comfort/familiar zone with your intuition

provide the new and necessary processes to take you beyond the known of your intuition 

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® is committed to disrupting intuition education, taking it beyond the new age trinkets and superstitions. We are pioneering the new paradigm of intuition research, development and training. In this book, Ricci-Jane Adams shares her visionary perspective on the next generation of intuition.


praise for ricci-jane AND SPIRITUALLY FIERCE...

"This is not a one-time read. Spiritually Fierce by Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is now one of my all-time fave books that I will read time and again, to help me connect into the word of the universe, to tune into my oneness, it’s the Gabby Bernstein and Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle I crave, all rolled into one". Sarah Nimarota

"I’m writing this review on the day we woke up here in the United States with news that Roe v. Wade may be overturned by our Supreme Court. It’s an unimaginable, an unbelievable, moment in our time where so many of us find ourselves asking how we make sense of this.

It is what makes Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams' book even more important today. This book is profound. It is a deep exploration and guide into how each of us can step into our sovereignty, our innate power, by accessing our highest form of intelligence: our Superconscious Intuition. It is a call to action and it is magnetic. It is a rallying cry for those of us who have the undeterred desire to seek out the full truth of who we are, to appreciate what we are capable of, and to take action from that place. 

Superconscious Intuition is a compelling read. I took my time with the concepts, allowing them to integrate before moving to the next. I didn’t want to rush a single moment of this book, nor my time with the author. This book felt like a personally guided tour by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams into the farthest reaches of my intuition and well beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this book."

Sonja Harvey 


“Oftentimes the turning points in our life aren’t comfortable or desired, but I am ok with that. I am not here in this life for my comfort. I am here for my evolution - yours and mine. And I am not afraid to sweat for God. After all, when we are living from our highest form of intelligence, our intuitive intelligence, we are no longer experiencing the world through the human experience alone. We have become superconscious in our experience of the world. And that’s when life starts to get really good".

Superconscious Intuition
make the most of the book

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