An immersive online masterclass with ricci-jane adams
that guides you to meet yourself in your holy as hell power

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The world is offering us the opportunity to begin again.

You’re tuned in. You can feel the seismic change coming.

You can feel the energy of destruction/renewal all around you.

Some days it feels like clawing restlessness and aching longing.

Sometimes, the deep excitement of a rebirth.

The axis has shifted on our world, and what you thought you knew for sure is shifting so fast. There’s power in it. But it’s not yet clear what happens now…

It’s time to harness the energy that is available to us.

We’re receiving our holy orders to step into a new level of our being.

A true spiritual revival is calling us all in, an ordination into our holy as hell power.

But channelling that brand new frequency feels BIG.

It’s laden with blessings for us all, and for the world. And it’s inviting us to go beyond THE KNOWN. It can feel hard to navigate.

So, let’s do it together.



Ricci-Jane as your Spiritual Director she guides you through an archetypal self-ordination ceremony to meet your holy as hell power.

  • You’ll get clear on your updated holy orders in this new world and what action to take.
  • You’ll be anchored into the new energies so they no longer throw you from pillar post.
  • You’ll be supported to embody the energy with a series of repeatable practices to return to after the live session.

This masterclass is available online. 

EVENT Bonuses


A daily devotional process is provided upon registration to support you to gain the most from the experience (which you can keep on using every day for the rest of your life!)


You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can share any questions, respond to prompts, be guided in the preparatory devotion and connect with others.


With your purchase you will get access to the online members portal where you be able to access your bonus meditation and masterclass recording for the lifetime of the product.

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Masterclass Presenter

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is the pioneer of Intuitive Intelligence. 

She’s a researcher, writer and intuition geek dedicated to elevating your intuition to the level of superpower. Ricci-Jane is an award winning playwright, bestselling author of multiple books.

Creator of the Spiritually Fierce movement and Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, RJ is obsessed with initiating as many people as she can get her hands on as Mystic Leaders.

When the world is populated by self-authorising, spiritually fierce men and women, we’ll have the revolution we are looking for.

The Institute is how we do it.

Attend the masterclass to experience Intuitive Intelligence and be guided to meet yourself in your holy as hell power.



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