You yearn to embody your service and lead your community through a soul-centric model.

You feel the vastness of what you are being called to offer and it can become overwhelming at times.

You know you have so much to bring into the world but you are afraid of replicating the ‘guru’ model or inadvertently taking other’s power.

You can feel divine power within you but you don’t know how to harness it to its full potential.

You yearn for a new model of leadership that does not cause harm.

You desire support for the shadow aspects of leadership that no one is talking about.

You often feel on the edge of burnout.

I felt all of this and I knew there had to be something more, a better way, a more life-sustaining and satisfying way to stay the course of the spiritual leader.

And one day, it dropped into my consciousness…

A formula, a system, a truth.

“I recently finished the training on "Higher Power".  Ricci-Jane shares the new paradigm on Sacred Leadership. This program is a MUST DO for all leaders, spiritual and otherwise. It will change the way we show up in the world. Imagine how the world would be when everyone is in their sacred leadership.

I was also having some roadblocks to fully understand what being a Sacred leader meant for me. I didn't want to be the kind of leader that I saw around me...I did the sessions back to back and it felt as if I went around a 3000 years journey and came back a different person. I highly, highly recommend the program, "Higher Power". Just enrol.”

Bhawana Dahiya

Higher Power Triad



The Higher Power course is...

  • Professional and spiritual development for the leader who needs nourishment and refuelling on her life journey.
  • A training not about pseudo-spirituality, or wellness, or for those in the spiritual closet.
  • A masterclass for those who are exploring what it means to be a sacred leader beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age.
  • For those who identify as leaders, whether this is the path you are currently walking or an aspiration.
  • For those who know it is their divine responsibility to lead others from darkness to light.
  • For those attuned to the path of the sacred leader.

What do we do with that responsibility?

How do we work with this deep soul calling that is often so terrifying?

The responsibility we have when we awaken is to remember that we do not awaken for ourselves alone.

So I have created the Higher Power formula...

...for sacred leadership to scaffold you when the burden, the confusion, the self-doubt, the feelings of unworthiness to walk this path seem so real. support us all to avoid imitating the models of power we see around us in the world that cause so much harm. lean into when we feel so freaking ready to lead in bigger and bigger ways.

It is time for those who are called to the path of sacred leadership to take up more room, to raise our voices and to lead the revolution for all

Higher Power cover Higher Power AUD 225.01 (including 10% GST)

“This program is a MUST DO for all leaders, spiritual and otherwise. It will change the way we show up in the world.”

Higher Power cover Higher Power AUD 225.01 (including 10% GST)

“BEST ONLINE LEARNING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I recommend the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence for the high quality teaching and learning standards they offer. They are commitment to serving their students is outstanding.”

This self-study program guides you through...


In this module I introduce the formula for sacred leadership. We explore the first phase of sacred leadership and uncover our collective fear that we all share of this idea.

We are never in our ego when we are in right relationship to our divine power - but how do we know where we are coming from?

This module helps us to establish right relationship by understanding where our power comes from and how to work with it.


In the second part of Higher Power we dive deep into the second part of the formula for sacred leadership.

In this phase of the formula we are learning how to embody leadership and move beyond a conceptual understanding.

This is the stage in which we surrender false control to instead come to meet holy power. This is how we learn to see God/dess in everything even when others do not see it in us.


In the final module we deeply investigate the thing that we came for. The final phase of the formula is unsurprisingly, power.

But what is higher power, really? And how does it help us on the path of sacred leadership?

Here we are in the realm of union with Self. And it is from this place that we can safely walk into our leadership without fear of causing harm, and contribute to a new paradigm globally in which holy power is privileged above all else.

  • Higher Power cover Higher Power AUD 225.01 (including 10% GST)

    “Every aspiring spiritual leader should take this course!”

    Transformational Speaker + Writer

  • Higher Power cover Higher Power AUD 225.01 (including 10% GST)

    “The uniqueness and impact of the concepts presented are enlightening.”

    Spiritual Midwife


The principles of sacred leadership and how to apply them in your sacred service.


Your own foundation of sacred leadership that transcends gender, form or modality.


Why you may have resisted your own sacred power, and how to move beyond fear.

Higher Power cover Higher Power AUD 225.01 (including 10% GST)

“What a gift you have delivered to me today with The Higher Power A New Paradigm of Sacred Leadership online course. This is a course that every single emerging spiritual seeker who aspires to lead others must take and practice in order to fulfil their destiny. Highly recommended!”

Transformational Speaker + Writer

Higher Power cover Higher Power AUD 225.01 (including 10% GST)

“I am totally immersed in this sacred formula for understanding and allowing power, as expressed in this course. I found Module 1 SO enlightening in the uniqueness and impact of the concepts presented there, that I have stayed right with this Module to give myself a real opportunity to fully embody and understand what the Truth expressed here is and to operate from that knowing. Once you really get the truth of this, so much power flows naturally. Thank you Ricci-Jane Adams - this really is a divine program ! 🙏💖”

Spiritual Midwife

Sacred leadership is always self-leadership, for it is the demonstration of our congruence between faith and actions.

It’s time to be the fullest expression of what you are.


When we meet ourselves as God, our vision will become as glorious as we are.

When we make the choice to lead, we are making the choice to meet ourselves as God.

When we make the permanent shift from fear to love we want nothing from the world. What could we possibly want that is a match for meeting ourselves in unity and Oneness.

To be God’s grace in the world will be all that we desire so that others may meet themselves as that.

People will look and say, ‘your life is a miracle. You have everything. You are so successful’.

And you will laugh and know that the richness is within.


You. Are. Ready.

The world is waiting...